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Brand: Roman Hair Straighteners
Market: Salon Professional


Professional Hair Straightener

● MCH heater.

● Korean Intelligent temperature control technoloty.

● IRT technology (Instant Reaction technology).

● Programable Over-Heat Protection.

● Ultra fast heat up&heat recover.

● Dual safety control.

● Universal voltage.

● Digital FND display (120°C-230°C).

● Sleep mode: Auto go into idle mode for saving energy without using in 30 Min..

● Floating plates function for perfect straightening and curling.

● Plate size: 24*90mm,110*24mm,others.


Professional Hair Straightener

● LCD temperature display.

● Dual voltage (120-240V) operations.

● Advanced ceramic heat technology, quickly heat-up and quickly lost-heat recover.

● Auto shut-off after one hour for 60Hz~110V/72 minutes for 50Hz~220V.

● Titanium provides light weight strength and durability.

● Max Temperature: 230°C/445°F.

● 9 feet with 360 degree swivel cord.

● Thin housing & floating plate design allows you not just straighten, but also to create waves,

curls, flips, volume, and more styles all with one styler.


Professional Hair Straightener(MCH)

MCH ceramic heating element is a new type of high efficient environmental protection and energy saving ceramic heating elements, PTC ceramic heater, compared with the same heating cases 20 ~ 30% power saving effect.

● Energy saving, high thermal efficiency, the unit heat consumption than the PTC can save 20 ~ 30%.

● Security is not charged surface, insulation performance is good, can endure the withstand voltage of 4500V/ 1s test, no breakdown, leakage current < 0.5 mA.

● Resistance to temperature change is linear, can control temperature by controlling the resistance easily.

● No power attenuation using long time.

● Warming fast: heating element 500W power launched 20s temperature is above 600 ℃;Its components rated power started more than 10 s temperature is 200 ℃.

● Safety, the halogen-light.

● Heat uniform consistency, and high power density, or 50W/cm2.

● Environmental protection: no lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PCBS), polybrominated diphenyl ether and other harmful substances, in full compliance with eu environmental requirements.